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t-sa forum 2008, London– Context Narratives & Boundaries

Student List

‘Experiential Nature Strip’
Sara Oxley
Kenta Takano 

'Children’s Bookshop’
Junko Kishi
Sarah Krekorian
Rachael Sykes
Midori Tani  

‘Residuum (SE1)’
Erioseto Hendranata
Yui Yoneyama 

Boundary Architecture’
Akira Negishi
Mitsuyoshi Tazawa ‘

'Textures + Patterns + Plants’
Laura Barbi
Mayuko Okamoto 

‘Silent Train Platform’
Shuhei Nakamura
Nina Shen-Poblete 

‘Linkng through the arches’
David Brassel
Saki Ichikawa 

‘Express invisible things by using visible things’
Yumi Matsushita
Toshiro Suda 

Sachie Hosoda
Atsushi Nakamura 

‘Hair Cut Space’
Yuki Inoue
Emiko Koba 

‘Under Arch Sports Club’
Mari Hunt
Mitsuaki Ooka 

‘1.5 Life -the world between real and virtual world-’
Laura McLean
Jun Terao  

Dates: 25/08/2008 – 19/09/2008
Location: t-sa forum studio SE1

Project Details

Site: Union Square, London SE1

Project Brief

The theme of this forum is context, a word that has its origins in bringing together and weaving. ‘Con’ meaning together as in conjoined etc. and ‘text’ from the verb texere meaning to weave. When we weave threads together we make fabric. The word fabric originally meant something that was produced skilfully and was at first exclusively used to describe buildings. So perhaps by this we can understand that buildings are woven things.

How do we weave into the city – not just the physical context, but also the social – the patterns of life?

Exercise One Site Immersion/ Documentation/ Representation
Two workshops will form the base for the work of week one:

Craft Drawing You will work with stitching, pricking, sewing and gold leaf to represent a detail from the site. You should bring a maximum of 3 images from the site to the workshop. The drawings should be made in scale 5:1, 2:1, 1:1, 1:2 or 1:5 and it should convey an aspect of the site that is imperceptible to the naked eye.

Urban Drawing
You will make a drawing of the city unlike any you have made before. This will not be a map but a layered drawing that represents a specific context/condition.

The two drawings from Exercise One will be presented on Friday 29 August 2008. You will need to come with an idea of your Craft and your Context. The tutors will help you to define the starting point for the next phase of work. From this point students will work in groups of 2.

Exercise Two Investigating the brief
You will start to develop your Craft and Context into a proposal for the site. The tutors will help you to develop a brief for the site. This may be for a temporary intervention or long-term proposal.

Exercise Three Intervention
You will develop an architectural/urban intervention through drawing, model making, 1:1 detailing, film and photography. Your proposal will not be a whole building – it could be an element, an enclosure, a tool…

Exercise Four Proposal + The 3D drawing
In exercise four you will work on your final proposal which should be presented in the form of a 3D drawing, developed over the course of the Forum. Your chosen Craft and Context should be clear in your final proposals.


Takero Shimazaki / t-sa
Yuli Toh / t-sa
Ana Araujo / Atelier Domino
Anna Mansfield / t-sa
David Phillips
Takako Hasegawa
Willem De Brujin / Atelier Domino


Craft workshop – Ana Araujo and William de Bruijn / Atelier Domino
Site tour – David Phillips and Takako Hasegawa
Urban workshop – Anna Mansfield / t-sa
Archaeology workshop – Guy Hunt
Plastering workshop - Dale contracts


David Phillips
Shin Azumi (a studio)
Toh Shimazaki Architecture
Deborah Saunt (DSDHA)
Adrian Friend


Roger Zogolovitch
Oliver Lowenstein / Fourth Door Review
Takehiko Iseki / Foster + Partners
Carl Frazer / Architect
Jennifer Frewen / t-sa
Williem De Bruijn / Atelier Domino
Gian Luca Amadei / Blueprint Magazine

Visiting practices

Haworth Tompkins
Shin Azumi (a studio)
David Chipperfield Architects