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t-sa forum 2009, London– Context and Craft
Adaptable Structure & Tactile Details
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Student List

Ayako Ito

Basma Kaki

Eliza Zain De Silva

Jung Yong Woon

Maho Akita

Martin Flett

Paul Theo

Robert Grover

Tatsunobu Ito

Thomas Davis

Tom Gibson

Yuko Taniguchi

Yumiko Tokuno

Satoru Tschihashi

Yoshie Fujioka

Yuchiro Koike

Yuka Nakamura

Dates: 03/08/2009 – 27/08/2009
Location: t-sa forum studio SE1

Project Details

Site: 87-95 Curtain Road, London EC 2A
Client: Carl Dinnage

Project Brief

Design a space for an industry such as furniture making.

Within the Context workshop, you will visit a furniture maker and a bell foundry.
Please choose one industry to design a space for.

Also, you are asked to design 4 no. residential units above the industry space. The residents will be couples that may grow to families of 5. They will be urban families. You are asked to study their urban context including what facilities they may have as couples and as families.

Take what you have investigated out of the 4 workshops, ‘Craft’, ‘Structure’, ‘Context’, ‘Urban Tour’ and design spaces for the above brief.

All projects should reflect the notion of ‘Adaptable Structures and Tactile Details’.

Presentation of the projects is as much part of the design as the proposals. For example, in the past, we have developed 3 dimensional drawings, which are drawings that have been built and worked on like models and collages to express and animate the ideas and proposals.


Takero Shimazaki / t-sa
Yuli Toh / t-sa
Ana Araujo / Atelier Domino
David Phillips
Stephen Foster / Milk Structural Engineers
Takako Hasegawa


Context workshop by David Phillips
Craft workshop by Ana Araujo and William de Bruijn / Atelier Domino
Urban workshop by Yuli Toh / t-sa
Structural workshop by Stephen Foster / Milk Structural Engineers


David Phillips
Takako Hasegawa
Haworth Tompkins
Shin Azumi (a studio)
Roz Barr / Eric Parry Architects
Guy Hunt
Ioanna Marinescu


Carl Dinnage
Gian Luca Amadei / Blueprint Magazine
William de Bruijn / Atelier Domino
Mima Kern

Visiting practices

Haworth Tompkins
Buro Happold Structural Engineers
Sergison Bates Architects
Edmund de Waal
Shin Azumi (a studio)