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t-sa forum 2010, Tokyo – Context and Craft
Adaptable Systems & Tactile Details
‘Books and Paper’


Student List

Group1  ‘Interaction’
Meiri Shinohara
Louisa barfoot
Ryosuke Maruyama

Group2  ‘Intimate space’
Kate White
Masanori Oikawa
Yuko Suzuki

Group3  ‘Landscape’
Rory Aitkenhead
Trang Vu

Group4  ‘Light & Sound’
Madeline Lis
Sulah Park

Group5  ‘Focus’
Hiromo Kiuchi
Sayaka Morita

Group6  ‘Aperture’
Keiko Furukawa
Sarah Medway

Group7  ‘Opening’
Yosuke Nakano

Dates: 02/08/2010 – 28/09/2010
Location: t-sa forum studio SE1

Project details

Location:Postcard Teas
9 Dering Street Bond Street Q1S 1AG
Client: Mr.Tim D’Offey and Lu, his assistant

Project brief

Design a series of spaces together as a group for a tea shop, Postcard Teas on Dering Street, New Bond Street London. The clients are Mr.Tim D’Offey and Lu, his assistant. Tim is the owner of this tea shop that was established in 2005, specialising in loose leaf tea. It is located in an 18th century building where tea was first sold over 200 years ago. He will be giving a brief introduction of the shop and its architecture on Tuesday 3rd August at the shop.
Each group of 3 participants (5 groups) is to design a series of abstract themes including the activities, such as 1. Tea tasting, 2. Gallery space 3. Buying and selling 4. Shop front and display and 5. Support activities such as office and living.
The area is known for many things including classic New Bond Street shops, such as the fashion boutiques, Smythons’s stationary or private art galleries. In this workshop, we would like to pursue the ideas of Tea and its settings.
We suggest that everyone make ONE 1:20 (or 1:10) model of the existing building and its context together first, making sure that the interesting details of the building is expressed. Please make sure that this model is of highest quality and standard as it is hoped that it will be presented at the Exhibition.
All projects should reflect the notion of ‘Adaptable Narratives and Tactile Details’.
Presentation of the projects is as much part of the design as the proposals. For example, in the past, we have developed 3 dimensional drawings, which are drawings that have been built and worked on, like models and collages to express and animate the ideas and proposals. We would expect each team to produce a Cast proposal onto the group model for the final presentation as well as a key 3-dimensional drawing describing the relationship between the adaptable system and the context and the Postcard Tea brief.


Takero Shimazaki / t-sa
Ana Araujo / Atelier Domino
David Phillips
Alain Chiaradia /dep

Workshop List

Context workshop by David Phillips and Anna Mansfield
Craft workshop by Ana Araujo / Atelier Domino
Casting workshop by Alain Chiaradia / dep
Programme Workshop by Alain Chiaradia / dep


Cian Deegan /TAKA Architects
David Phillips
Takero Shimazaki / t-sa


Takero Shimazaki / t-sa
Ana Araujo / Atelier Domino
Willem de Bruijn/ Atelier Domino
Anna Mansfield
David Phillips
Alain Chiaradia / dep
Stephen Foster
James Lloyd Mostyn
Ceri Williams

Visiting practices

Shin Azumi Studio Visit / Shin Azumi (a studio)
Duggan Morris Architects
Lynch Architects Visit / Patrick Lynch
Edmund de Waal Visit / Edmund de Waal
Caruso St John / Caruso St John