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t-sa forum 2010, Tokyo – Context and Craft
Adaptable Systems & Tactile Details
‘Books and Paper’
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Student List

Group 1 ‘Circulation’

Julia Hundermark
Misaki Hiyama
Rintaro Yoshida

Group 2 Reading in the Bookshop – ‘A Game of Hide and Seek’

Rodolfo Acevedo Rodriguez
Rika Kotani
Ida Marie Wedfall

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Group 3 Storage, insulation and gravity – ‘The Feltshelf’

Tom Gibson
Kenji Masuda
Naomi Iwata

Group 4 ‘Display’

Robert Grover
Kaegh Joshua Allen
Ryosuke Maruyama

Group 5 Interaction with the outside ‘Permeability’

Bee Emmott
Paul Theo
Kae Ito
Hiromo Kiuch

Dates: 03/29/2010 – 04/09/2010
Location: British Council Tokyo
1-2, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0825 Japan

Project details

Location: Nanyodo Bookshop
1-21 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan 101-0051
Client: Testushi Arata (The owner) and Masako Nakazawa of Nanyodo Bookshop

Project brief

Design a series of spaces together as a group for an architecture bookshop, Nanyodo in Jimbo-Cho, Tokyo. An introduction of the shop and its architecture will be given by the client Tetsushi Arata on Monday, the 29th.

Each group of 3 participants (5 groups) will design a series of abstract themes including the activities, such as
1. Circulation
2. Reading in the shop (or Tachi-Yomi as Japanese call it)
3. Display (including the galleries)
4. Casher and the Storage
5. the interaction
with the public domain outside (including roof lounge and the street around)

The area is known for many things including Bookshops (including second hand books), paper shops, Universities and students, Chinese areas, music instruments to name a few. In this workshop, we would like to pursue the ideas of ‘Books and Paper. ‘

Take what you have investigated out of the 3 workshops, ‘Context’, ‘Cast’, and ‘Craft’, and start designing ideas for the Adaptable Systems for the Nanyodo bookshop brief for Friday 2nd April.

We suggest that everyone will make ONE 1:20 (or 1:10) model of the existing building and its context together first using laminated paper/card making sure that the interesting details of the building is expressed. Please make sure that this model is highest quality and standard as it is hope that it will be presented at the Exhibition.

All projects should reflect the notion of ‘Adaptable Structures and Tactile Details’.

We would expect each team to produce a Cast proposal to the group model for the final presentation as well as a key 3-dimensional drawing describing the relationship between the adaptable system and the context and the Nanyodo brief.


Takero Shimazaki / t-sa
Ana Araujo / Atelier Domino
David Phillips
Alain Chiaradia /dep

Workshop List

Context workshop by David Phillips
Craft workshop by Ana Araujo / Atelier Domino
Casting workshop by Alain Chiaradia / dep


Souhei Imamura / Atelier Imamu
Takero Shimazaki / t-sa


Tetsushi Arata / Masako Nakazawa / Nanyodo Bookshop
Takero Shimazaki / t-sa
Ana Araujo / Atelier Domino
Souhei Imamura
David Phillips
Alain Chiaradia / dep

Visiting practices

Kengo Kuma and Associates
Office of Kumiko Inui

Group Work Title

Group 1 ‘Circulation’
Group 2 Reading in the Bookshop – ‘A Game of Hide and Seek’
Group 3 Storage, insulation and gravity – ‘The Feltshelf’
Group 4 ‘Display’
Group 5 Interaction with the outside ‘Permeability’