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t-sa forum 2012, London –Project details
Toward New Leadership



Student List

01 Andrew Laing

02_Edith Fung

03_Jessica Rees

04_Keisuke Akiyama

05_Keisuke Ota

06_Keranie Teodosou

07_Kosuke Ino

08_Lili carr

09_Masahiro Morishita

10_Teong Cheng Ming

11_Nanami Kawashima

12_Soma Okamura

13_Satomi Takeuchi

14_Tamaki Yoshihara

15_Vasilisa Shchogoleva

16_Yusuke Ando

17_Yuya Ishida

29/08/2012 - 02/08/2012
Visit to the 13th Architecture Biennale in Venice
03/09/2012 - 21/09/2012
t-sa forum workshop London

Elephant and Castle Roundabout and Shopping Centre

Project Brief

This year, we will begin our workshop by visiting the 13th Venice Biennale. You are asked to explore how architects are proposing to deal with the differences, common ground, and the challenges ahead within the exhibition. On your return, you will be asked to present to the group your findings from Venice and what has inspired you most. We will discuss and debate how these ideas are relevant for us in tackling the theme of 'Towards New Leadership' for architects working with communities, institutions, or cities. 

The site is the area comprising of Elephant & Castle Roundabout and Shopping Centre. In the studio, you will be provided with some research on the history and future plans for the locality as a starting point for your work and debates. In this workshop, we would like to test bold proposals within the real constraints of the site.

You are asked to analyse the site to identify a specific and serious problem and to address it by crafting an urban intervention proposal. The problem you identify must be directly related to the needs of the local residents and end-users. We are looking for clear, yet bold proposals based on real issues. You are encouraged to discuss and debate in the studio. Weekly debates will be held with t-sa tutors to generate ideas together by discussing lessons from the Biennale, the site situation, past, future, issues identified and potential proposals. 


Takero Shimazaki/t-sa
David Philips
Jeniffer Frewen
Rosie McLaren
Meiri Shinohara

Workshop List

Craft workshop by Willem de Bruijn /Atelier Domino
Printing workshop by Lucie Murtagh and Mark Stonehouse/Luma


Anna Mansfield/Publica
Tom Emerson /6a architects
Takero Shimazaki/ t-sa


Takero Shimazaki/t-sa
Ana Araujo/Atelier Domino
Willem de Bruijn/Atelier Domino
Anna Mansfield
David Phillips
Ceri Williams
Takako Hasegawa
Rachel Eccles /Hut Architecture
Rowan Sloss /Brayton Hughes Design Studios

Visiting practices

Caruso St John
Cottrell & Vermeulen Architecture
Pullens Yard