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Student List

01 Ai Murayama

02_Alix Dunbar

03_Hiroaki Anamizu

04_Maaya Harakawa

05_Hinako Kokuga

06_Yohei Baba

07_Nanako Ikegaya

08_Achim Reifer

09_Hikari Oguro

10_Soo Kyung

11_Manami Naka

12_Hatashima Kensei

13_KIdokoro Misako

26/08/2014 - 20/09/2014
t-sa forum x AA workshop London

Osterley house
White Cube Bermondsey

Project Brief


re·fur·bish (r-fûrbsh)
the act of an instance of making neat, clean or complete, as by renovating, re-equipping or restoring

At t-sa, we undertake many refurbishment projects of existing structures and places and have found ourselves questioning why and how we 'refurbish' something and indeed why we need to refurbish rather than rebuild;

Why do we refurbish? Why is it so common in the UK?
What are the stories worth preserving through refurbishment?
How much do we wipe away?
When is it necessary to undertake a radical rethink of the existing building?
What would be appropriate or inappropriate in each circumstance?
Are we too sensitive to existing buildings in the UK?

We believe refurbishment should not only entail quick and easy solutions of 'making neat' or 'cleaning'. We find each project has its own memories and stories to show, tell or to hide. Each project can accommodate current needs and requirements in various ways and can look to the future rather than the past.


Takero Shimazaki/t-sa
Jeniffer Frewen
Anton Gorlenko
Erika Suzuki
Meiri Shinohara

Workshop List

Craft workshop by Willem de Bruijn /Atelier Domino
Printing workshop by Barbara Salbadori / Print and Screen T+L Specialist Technician


David Phillips
Takero Shimazaki/ t-sa
Hugh Strange


Takero Shimazaki/t-sa
David Phillips
Ceri Williams
Takako Hasegawa
Chris Pierce
Miraj Ahmed

Visiting practices

Hugh Strange Architects
Casper Mueller Kneer Architects