t-sa forum

2010      Adaptable Narratives

20 September – 8 October
TOTO Gallery, London

Complimenting Toh Shimazaki Architecture works, students’ proposals from 2010 summer’s t-sa forum were exhibited at TOTO Gallery as a part of London Design Week 2010. This summer, we invited Timothy d’Offay and Zhou Lu of Postcard Teas, a fine teashop in Bond Street, London, as a client. In the 4 weeks, 15 students designed for the shop on the theme of Adaptable Narratives through a journey of 5 workshops; ‘Context,’ ‘Craft,’ ‘Casting,’ ‘Mapping’ and ‘Programming,’ practice visits and critiques. A selection of their ideas is introduced with models, original craft works and drawings.

Also, the history of t-sa forum is told through a display of Books vol.1, 2, 3 and images on a projection.


 2010  Adaptable Systems – ‘Books and Paper’

13 – 24 April
Nanyodo Bookshop, Tokyo

t-sa forum Tokyo was honoured by Mr. Arata and Miss Nakazawa of Nanyodo Bookshop as a client. Students were in teams to challenge the notion of inclusive architectural principles for the client, focusing on the theme of ‘Adaptable Systems’; that having a comprehensive design system is one of the key issues in dealing with every changing demands of the society.

Hosted by the project site Nanyodo Bookshop, students’ proposals were exhibited throughout the venue. Including the 1:20 model created together by all students, the works introduced presented what students have investigated through the workshops; ‘Context,’ ‘Cast’ and ‘Craft.’


2008      Architecture: Craft & Context

20 June – 18 July
Embassy of Japan, London

For London Festival of Architecture 2008, students from the 2006 and 2007 t-sa forum exhibited their architectural works from the workshop, which were developed through personal engagement with the specific context in Lambeth and Earls Court. Their experimental responses to current and historical living patterns and activities are titled, ‘Craft in Context’.

Alongside this, there were 2 lecture and debate events. Both lecture events provided an opportunity to hear how architects design in contrasting cities such as Tokyo and London. They gave an insight into sensitive and innovative ways of responding to history and the local characteristics of their given sites, enhancing and reinforcing contextual uniqueness through their architecture.

24 June
Souhei Imamura and Graham Haworth discussed their work respectively in Tokyo and London followed by a debate regarding ‘Adaptable Architecture’

14 July
Kumiko Inui and Patrick Lynch gave lectures of their work followed by a debate regarding ‘Context and Craft’